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justpeachy_liv's Journal

above the flames

19 October
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my name's liv and i live in sunny aotearoa. well, it's mostly sunny. in summer it is. in winter it just rains tbh.
i like to go to the beach at night and eat fish and chips on the sand with my friends.
i also like music. like, a lot. i pretty much eat, sleep, breathe music.
i love to read. mostly modern classics like catch .22, catcher in the rye, a clockwork orange, trainspotting. i also like biographies like scar tissue, slash and donnie brasco.
my favourite movies are bad taste, star trek, blazing saddles, indiana jones (not the latest one *shudder*) and the breakfast club.

i used to long for broken bones, i used to long for a casket of my own

writing journal: lostandfree